A debate about whether there is need for gun control or not

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Gun Rhetoric vs. Gun Facts

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Where does the gun debate go from here?

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Why The Arguments Against Gun Control Are Wrong

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Only on gun issues can something with roughly 80 percent public support be described as a political nonstarter. It’s true, though, that there’s not much support for the measure among Republican members of Congress. Does their 'NEED', not 'want' stricter laws, and yes, I think it is a necessity that there are stricter laws.

After all these recent shootings, it seems needed. Any mentally handicapped person can just go and buy a gun, any violent criminal (gun or no gun crime. There is no reason to think that additional laws restricting access to guns, and to the most dangerous kinds of guns, would not – and actually do not – similarly reduce the great number of homicides, suicides, accidental deaths, and injuries in the U.S.

We should have stricter gun control. It is time for lawmakers to create and enforce stronger restrictions on guns. There have been too many high profile shootings in. There’s these areas where you have all of these protests, whether it’s from business leaders or from different groups, and you say, oh, Republicans will buckle under this.

No, they won’t. Oct 15,  · On Guns, We Should Heed Both Sides Of The Debate. October 15, Pat Buchanan addressed moderator John McLaughlin's question of whether .

A debate about whether there is need for gun control or not
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The (Current) Gun-Control Debate Is Not Really About Gun Control