Hamburger graphic organizer for writing a paragraph about yourself

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I suspect all TidBitts authors interesting the same loss of subscription momentum. Use the hamburger organizer to design the perfect paragraph. The main version has lines to write on.

If you'd like a version without lines, click the "Alt" button below. Hamburger Graphic Organizer Writing Paragraph- links to a bunch of different templates which are GREAT. My students really responded well to this organizer. Find this Pin and more on Classroom Activities by Amanda Moberly.


I would use this graphic organizer when introducing paragraph writing to younger students. Older students.

Paragraph Hamburger

A graphic organizer provides learners with a visual representation of information, concepts, or ideas. Graphic organizers are often used to help children understand what they are reading or to organize information in order to report it, such as through writing or an oral presentation like a speech.

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Hamburger Paragraph Directions: Write a paragraph with sentences. Title: Microsoft Word - Author: Chad Created Date: 10/1/ PM.

Hamburger graphic organizer for writing a paragraph about yourself
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