Impetigo and topical fusidic acid essay

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Fusidic acid

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Nov 29,  · Studies have shown a consistent rise in resistance to fusidic acid from ’s and according to a recent study 68% S. aureus isolated from children with impetigo were fusidic acid resistant on the contrary a Dutch study depicted no fusidic acid resistance.

Nov 29,  · Dobie and Gray stated that for more than 35 years Fusidic acid – a narrow spectrum antibiotic derived from Fusidium coccineum has been used to treat infections from Staphylococcus aureus thus making it suitable in combination with another agent for systemic therapy in vitro.

Fusidic Acid

Impetigo PHE Impetigo For extensive, severe, or bullous impetigo, use oral antibiotics Reserve topical antibiotics for very localised lesions to reduce the risk of resistance Reserve mupirocin for MRSA topical fusidic acid thinly TDS 5 days oral flucloxacillin mg QDS ☺ 7 days If penicillin allergic: oral clarithromycin mg BD.

Impetigo is a superficial, but contagious, bacterial infection of the skin that predominantly affects children and is common in primary care. In UK general practice, around half of the people with impetigo are treated with topical fusidic acid.[1][1] However, bacterial resistance to this antibacterial drug is increasing.[2][2] Here we discuss how patients with impetigo should be treated.

Jun 08,  · In Nottingham the topical use of fusidic acid cream alone or in combination with topical steroids for impetigo and eczema has increased, but this has been associated with a rise in the rate of resistance to fusidic acid in S aureus isolates, particularly from cases of impetigo.

Impetigo is a bacterial skin infection due to staphylococcus. It is very common in children and can easily be passed from one child to another.

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Impetigo is very contagious, therefore it is important to use separate towels and flannels for infected children.

Impetigo and topical fusidic acid essay
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